Alumni Fellows Awards Criteria for Nomination

Nominate an individual for the Alumni Fellows program.

I. General Overview of Alumni Fellows Award

A. The University of Louisville Alumni Association has established the Alumni Fellows Award to recognize achievement by the men and women of the University of Louisville.
B. The University of Louisville will showcase the Alumni Fellows through lectures/seminars and informal contact with faculty, staff, administrators, and students.
C. The award is administered by the UofL Alumni Association in cooperation with each of the University’s academic units.
D. The award is a permanent designation given by the UofL Alumni Association and the University of Louisville’s Board of Trustees.

II. Purpose

A. To stimulate greater activity and interaction among prominent alumni and the university community – faculty, students, and administration.
B. To add a dimension to the academic curriculum not otherwise available in the traditional college classroom through close contact between prominent alumni and students, faculty, and University administrators.

III. Eligibility for award

A. Only alumni/alumnae of the University of Louisville will be eligible.
B. Definition of an alumnus:
   1. An alumnus is any person who has received a degree from any of the schools of the University of Louisville
   2. An alumnus is any person who has received a degree from any of the schools that have been incorporated into the University of Louisville (i.e. Louisville Municipal College, Jefferson School of Law, Kentucky Southern College)
C. To be considered a serious candidate:
   1. The nominee shall have distinguished him or herself in their chosen professional field of endeavor.
   2. The nominee shall have made significant contributions to his or her community on a local, state, national or international level. This is the humanitarian criteria of the award.
   3. The nominee shall have demonstrated integrity in his/her personal life and gained the respect of those surrounding him/her.

IV. Number of Recipients

A. The Alumni Fellows shall be chosen from the general alumni population.
B. One individual from each academic unit is designated an Alumni Fellow each year.
C. In some instances, an academic unit may sponsor an additional Alumni Fellow during an academic year.

V. Nomination and confirmation

A. Nominations are solicited from the deans of each recognized academic unit of the University of Louisville. They may consult with department chairs, faculty and/or alumni.
B. Nominations may be submitted by:
   1. Academic dean
   2. Dean’s assistant on their behalf
C. All nominations must be in writing and be accompanied by any pertinent information.
D. Nominations will be reviewed by the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of the Alumni Association for approval prior to being sent to the Board of Trustees.
E. The nominations will be approved by the Personnel Committee of the Board of Trustees then forwarded to the full Board of Trustees for their final approval.
F. The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors, the Personnel Committee and the Board of Directors has the right to decline a single nomination or the entire group of nominees.
G. Until the full Board of Trustees has given their approval, nominees are not to be notified. Notification will be made by the Alumni Association and subsequently by each dean.
H. If a nominee cannot attend the presentation, their nomination will be deferred to the next year, and an alternate will be sent through for approval.

VI. Presentation of award

A. The award shall be presented on the Thursday of homecoming week or at the discretion of the Alumni Association.
B. The recipients will be notified in April prior to homecoming.