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Introducing Josh Hawkins

March 27, 2014

Following the departure of Jen Heisey from the UofL Alumni Association, Josh Hawkins will serve as interim associate vice president for alumni relations and annual giving beginning April 4.

Hawkins has been on staff at UofL since 2010, previously serving as executive director of annual giving, where he redesigned the Fund for UofL. During this time, alumni giving participation increased from 11.92% to 14.4%, while dollars raised in the annual fund increased from $2.4 million to $3.7 million (projected to exceed $4 million this fiscal year).

Hawkins currently serves as chief operating officer for the Alumni Association and senior director of annual giving. We asked Josh some questions to introduce him to the Louisville Alumni community.

  1. What is the best thing about working at the Alumni Association? I love to build relationships with people. Working with alumni allows me to meet hundreds of great people while also engaging them in the life of the university.

  2. When you meet an alumnus for the first time, what do you want them to know about UofL? What is the first thing you would tell them? I would want them to know about the amazing accomplishments and progress the university has made over the last few years—from moving to the ACC and being on the verge of completing a billion dollar fundraising campaign, to producing research that could cure cancer. The first thing I would tell them is that their Alumni Association is committed to providing a meaningful experience that will keep them engaged with their alma mater for a lifetime. We’re here for people who are part of our past, but who also want to be part of our future.

  3. Favorite UofL athlete of all time, and why? Francisco Garcia. The 2005 season was one of my favorite when the Men’s Basketball team beat Memphis in the Conference USA Championship before going to the Final Four. 'Cisco played the game with emotion, passion and no fear. I still have his framed autographed jersey hanging on the wall at my house.

  4. What would you be doing if you weren’t working at UofL? Probably in the service industry. I would love to eventually own my own restaurant/bar.

  5. Three people, living or dead, who would like to invite to a dinner party. JFK, MLK Jr., and my late grandfather.

  6. Tell us about your family. I am married to Alecea Hawkins, a teacher at DeSales High School. We have two girls - Kennedy (age 2 1/2) and Davis (5 months), and we’re all huge Card fans.

  7. Favorite part of UofL’s campus? Grawemeyer Hall.

  8. What one thing do you hope the Alumni Association will accomplish in the next few months? We’ve made tremendous progress over the last two years. Over the next few months I hope to continue our upward trajectory, specifically to solidify a volunteer management model that enhances our ability to engage alumni on a daily basis.

  9. Louisville and Kentucky are playing in the Sweet Sixteen on Friday night. What is your score prediction? The Cards 76-68.

Hawkins will be in Indianapolis this weekend at Louisville Alumni Cardinal Headquarters, presented by GEICO. He will take over from Jen Heisey on April 4, 2014, while a national search takes place.