Melissa Bagley, 12A, 14GB

Congrats to Melissa Bagley, 12A, 14GB, on her new job with CSR at CII in Denver, Colorado. Prior to graduation, Melissa was the advancement communications graduate assistant for the Alumni Association. She is greatly missed by our staff, but we are excited new doors and opportunities are opening in her life!


2014 Parent of the Year

Congratulations to Latonya Quinn on receiving the tremendous honor of Parent of the Year, nominated by her son J.C. Campbell. Over 30 parents were nominated for the award. Campbell explains that he submitted his mother because he wanted her to understand just how much she means to him. The Parent of the Year award is in its seventh year and allows students an opportunity to recognize their parents for all their support.


Amobi Okoye, 06A

Today I would like to recognize Amobi Okoye, 06A, who is in the recovery process from a serious disease called anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis. Okoye currently plays for the Dallas Cowboys, suffered a 145-day memory gap from the illness, but today his coaches are optimistic he will resume his position as an active defensive lineman. The Cardinal family wishes Amobi a swift recovery, and applauds his determination through adversity.

Have you changed your address, received a promotion, been named an officer of an organization, published a book, finished a degree at another university, received an award, recently married or had a child? Let me know! Send us an email and tell us what's new in your life.


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Our Executive Director

Deborah Dietzler was named associate vice president for alumni relations and annual giving on July 10, 2014. She also serves as executive director of the UofL Alumni Association.

Considered a national leader in the field of alumni relations, Dietzler has been president of the Alumni Directors of the Southeastern Conference and also chaired the Council of Alumni Association Executives (CAAE) summer 2008 institute. She is a frequent presenter at conferences and has performed pro bono work for various community nonprofits.

Dietzler’s responsibilities include the creation of a modern alumni relations and annual giving operation equipped to face the challenges of the future. She also supports the university’s continued goal of becoming the state’s nationally recognized premier metropolitan research institution.

Dietzler holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Hofstra University, a master’s in marketing from Texas A&M, and is currently pursuing a doctorate in higher education management from the University of Georgia.