Front Desk: 502-852-6186

Alumni Relations and Annual Giving Staff

Associate Vice President's Office

Josh Hawkins
Chief Operating Officer
502-852-7002 or email Josh


Kelsey Guelda
Administrative Associate
 502-852-8800 or email Kelsey


Carla Jeffries
Administrative Assistant
502-852-0735 or email Carla

External Relations

Elise Buck, 06A
Special Events & Programs
502-852-0750 or email Elise

Courtney Spiegel
Special Events Coordinator
502-852-0093 or email Courtney



Abdoul Wann
Phonathon Coordinator
502-852-0717 or email Abdoul

Brittany Chouhan
Student Worker
502-852-8910 or email Brittany



Amanda James, 08A, 12GE
Student and Young Alumni Programs
502-852-6916 or email Amanda


Carmine J. Esposito
Alumni Travel Coordinator
502-852-1184 or email Carmine

Constituent Relations

 Mark Daily
Annual Giving
502-852-2400 or email Mark

 Megan Reeves, 11A, 15B 
Commonwealth Outreach
502-852-1883 or email Megan


Madison Crawford, 14B
Assistant Director of Outreach
502-852-1139 or email Madison

 Lee Ann Riffle
Unit Business Manager
502-852-2373 or email Lee Ann


Advancement Communications


Lindsay Wehr, 03A, 09GA
Director of Advancement Communications
502-852-3369 or email Lindsay


Laura Nunnelley, 12B
Digital Media Coordinator
502-852-3468 or email Laura 

Matt Cable
Asst. Director of Communications
502-852-6906 or email Matt



Jordan Ringham
Graduate Assistant
Email Jordan

Head Coach Emeritus

Denny Crum, Head Coach Emeritus

Judy Cowgill, Administrative Assistant to Coach Crum
502-852-0841 or email Judy

Office Information

University Club & Alumni Center,
200 E. Brandeis Avenue,
Louisville, KY 40208