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Kentucky Southern College, 1962-1969, was a private Baptist college located on Shelbyville Road, Louisville. It was merged with UofL in 1969. Today, the Kentucky Southern College is home to UofL's Shelby Campus. KSC alumni are very active in rekindling memories of their times at the campus. Join us.

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The mission statement of the KSC Alumni Council is: To provide an organized group for alumni and friends of Kentucky Southern College to participate in social and educational activities, related to their experiences at the college. To promote and preserve the history of the institution as it relates to alumni.

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Kentucky Southern College History

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Kentucky Southern College began as a dream in the hearts and minds of a few farsighted individuals. In the mid 1950's, the executive committee of the Long Run Association began to discuss the idea of establishing a co-educational college which would be on the cutting edge of high academic standards, and would also include a blend of traditional Christian values.

In February 1958, the proposed college was referred to as the Greater Louisville College of Arts and Sciences. Dr. Edwin F. Perry, pastor of Broadway Baptist Church, was named as chairman of a committee which would oversee the details of the selection and purchase of a suitable site.

The land which was chosen is located on Shelbyville Road between Interstate 264 and Hurstbourne Lane in Louisville's East End. This prime piece of real estate belonged to Leroy Highbaugh, Sr., a local developer. Mr. Highbaugh had been offered $2600 per acre by a commercial enterprise, but declined in favor of selling the land to the Greater Louisville College Campaign Committee, Inc.

Severe financial trouble reared its head, and by September of 1968, KSC had renewed former talks with the trustees of UofL. Consequently, on December 20, 1968, another merger was announced for August 10, 1969. This merger between KSC and the University of Louisville called for UofL to take over all of KSC's assets and debts. Contracts with faculty and staff would be honored until August 10. Moreover, UofL agreed to honor all academic credits earned by KSC students.

Kentucky Southern College graduated approximately 500 students in a total of five graduating classes. Although these former students constitute alumni without a school, they have never lost sight of the kind of school KSC was. John Carter, 1962-1965, feels that the fact that the alumni cannot grow helps to explain why the students cherish the memory of their school so much. He said, "I think one thing that makes KSC so special, even though this is unfortunate, is that it is a close-knit group of people that's not going to expand. It is a group of people that had a unique experience that nobody else is going to get the opportunity to participate in."

KSC has remained alive through its students, and now, almost 30 years since the school closed, the graduates of Kentucky Southern proudly maintain their own alumni association.

Do you have a special memory of your time at KSC that you would like to share? Or if you have any questions about the college? Call us at 502-852-6588.



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Do you have a special memory of your time at KSC that you would like to share? Or have any questions about the college? Contact the Alumni Association at 502-852-8800.