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You’re not alumni yet, but you can get a jump on the benefits now by joining the Student Organization for Alumni Relations (SOAR). SOAR provides opportunities to: network with faculty and prominent alumni, build professional skills, as well as plan and implement university-wide philanthropy initiatives and events. SOAR’s goal is to enhance the student experience by cultivating relationships between students and experienced alumni, promoting student philanthropy, and building and preserving the traditions of the university.

As a member, you’ll be connected to a network of over 130,000 Cardinal alumni. Plus, you will be able to take part in key university social events and career-oriented programs. Members also serve as hosts for alumni events and programs, providing invaluable networking opportunities. Need a job or internship? Now’s the time to make a connection.

Key Dates

Friday, August 19 - Welcome Week Picnic
September - SOAR Membership Applications & Interviews


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Twitter: @UofLSOAR
Instagram: @UofLSOAR
Facebook: Student Organization for Alumni Relations - University of Louisville

Advisor: Amanda James - amanda.james@louisville.edu