The UofL Alumni Association recognizes outstanding graduates annually with the Alumnus of the Year and Alumni Fellows award programs. Presented during the Homecoming celebrations, these awards highlight how the University continues supporting its graduates.

The Alumnus of the Year award is the highest honor the University of Louisville Alumni Association bestows. It recognizes outstanding graduates who have made great contributions to their community, state, or nation through public service, distinguished themselves in their careers, and demonstrated a belief in the mission of UofL.

Click here to read about the 2013 Alumni Fellows and Alumna of the Year, Debby M. Oxley.

The following distinguished individuals have been named UofL Alumnus of the Year:

2013 - Debby M. Oxley, 78GE
2012 - Harry S. Frazier, Jr., 56A, 63GB
2011 - Dan Ulmer, 55BU
2010 - Dr. Salem George, 55AS, 59GM
2009 - Hank Conn, 64SS, 69GB, 72SP
2008 - Westley S. Unseld, 68AS
2007 - James Patterson Sr., 55BU
2006 - Sam Gilliam, 55BA, 61AS
2005 - Owsley Brown Frazier, 60AS, 69LA, 07GB
2004 - David A. Jones Sr., 54BU
2003 - J. Chester Porter, 66LA
2002 - Ulysses “Junior” Bridgeman Jr., 75AS
2001 - Robert Nardelli, 75BU, 01GB
2000 - Richard Green, 69GA
1999 - Gov. Louis B. Nunn, 50LA
1998 - Elizabeth A. Wilson, 24AS, 38GA
1997 - Sue T. Grafton, 61AS
1996 - Malcolm B. Chancey Jr., 54BU
1995 - Hon. Romano L. Mazzoli, 60LA
1994 - Sen. Mitch McConnell Jr., 64AS
1993 - Sen. James B. Edwards, 55GD
1992 - Helen E. Abell, 36AS
1991 - Gen. Russell E. Dougherty, 48LA
1990 - Sen. Marlow W. Cook, 50LA
1989 - Leonard E. Lyles, 58AS
1988 - Richard C. Atkinson, 51GA
1987 - Wilson W. Wyatt Sr., 27LA
1986 - J. David Grissom, 62LA
1985 - H. Charles Grawemeyer, 34SS
1984 - Hon. Charles M. Allen, 43LA
1983 - Dr. Hoyt D. Gardner, 50GM

The UofL Alumni Association also recognizes outstanding personal achievement through the Alumni Fellows awards. Alumni Fellows are graduates who are exemplary ambassadors for their UofL schools or colleges through their contributions to their professional fields and their communities. Alumni Fellows are nominated by their University of Louisville school or college, and final selection is made by the Alumni Association.

Nomination criteria for the Alumnus of the Year Award

Nomination criteria for the Alumni Fellows awards